My Story

I currently live in Fircrest, Washington with my wonderful husband and our delightful 6-year-old son, Emrey and my 22-year-old daughter, Payton who is a Curtis High School graduate, artist and Licensed Massage Therapist and occasionally my photography assistant .

I grew up in North Tacoma and  and graduated from University of Washington-Tacoma, where I earned my IAS BA in Psychology/Sociology. During college, I took several art classes as well as photography courses. I continue my education with classes and workshops to sharpen my skills. I will always continue my education, I love to learn and perfect my craft.

I have always had a passion for capturing moments on film. I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 7 years old. My first subject was my younger brother, Beau and our pets. I have a deep love for people and capturing tangible memories. I’ve worked for 10 years as a social worker and have been fortunate enough to transition my life-long hobby into a career that allows me to showcase my talent and passion for life, art and capturing timeless memories.

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